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Providing safe, reliable electricity to more than 13 million Texans is a large-scale operation that requires plenty of teamwork, Oncor is proud to partner with a variety of trusted retail electronic providers, suppliers, energy-efficient contractors, tree-pruning contractors, and more to ensure our customers recieve exceptional service. 

Working closely with retail electric providers, Oncor helps provide millions of Texans with state-of-the-art electric service.

Retail Electric Providers

Oncor values our relationship with retail electric providers (REP). Together, we provide millions of Texans with best-in-class electric service at some of the lowest delivery rates in the state. That is why we provide the resources and support you need to better serve your retail customers. As your partner, we're always open to hearing any insights and ideas you may have about market concerns that may impact our shared customers.

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For retail electric customers - Note: if you are an individual or business in need of electric service, please contact a retail electric provider. To compare retail electric providers and their electric rates, visit www.powertochoose.org

Oncor works with a variety of suppliers to provide millions of Texans with best-in-class electric service at some of the lowest delivery rates in the state.


Oncor is proud of our long history of partnering with a diverse roster of suppliers—including minority and women-owned businesses. By fostering an inclusive environment in all aspects of our operations, we help nurture the development of dynamic new enterprises while also contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the Lone Star State. If you are a minority or women-owned business, consider working alongside Oncor. Together, we can help enrich the lives of people across Texas.

Oncor partners with efficiency contractors who help customers with new construction, renovation and retrofit projects.


A number of Oncor programs are designed to help Texans be more energy efficient. We are always interested in partnering with efficiency contractors who can administer these services to residential and non-residential customers—as well as contractors who can successfully manage renovation or retrofit projects.

Oncor works with line-qualified tree pruning contractors who help prevent outages through proper tree maintenance.


Tree limbs resting on power lines are a safety hazard and can spark power outages. We value the work of line-qualified tree pruning contractors who help prevent outages with proper tree maintenance and safety procedures. 

Oncor's tree contractor toolkit contains resources to help you communicate with your teams about safety procedures and precautions while working around power lines. The kit includes a safety poster, flyer, graphics, and a brochure that covers applicable OSHA regulations. Available in both English and Spanish, the toolkit is designed to be shared with your teams.

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