Oncor Innovation Command Center



At Oncor, innovation is sparked by the knowledge that millions of Texans depend on us to deliver safe, reliable, affordable energy—smart energy that's a product of our ongoing commitment to innovative solutions and services that benefit millions of Texans. It's been our lifeblood since we first began in 1912. But we're not done. Every day, we're on a path to progress—using the latest tools and methodologies to better serve the people of Texas. 

Individuals and businesses can boost their bottom lines with savings and energy credits for Energy Star appliances.


Oncor offers a number of incentive programs that help Texans save money. Both individuals and businesses can boost their bottom lines with savings for insulation, ENERGY STAR® appliances, LED lighting, and solar power. It's all part of our commitment to help the people and communities we serve.


More people are embracing solar, battery storage, and other onsite sources of energy for Distributed Generation (DG). By doing so, they can reduce their energy usage and save money on their electric bill. With DG, electricity comes from many small sources at an individual’s home or business.

With more electric cars and hybrids on the road, more charging station are popping up to energize them all.


More electric cars and hybrids are on the road, and charging stations are popping up to energize them all. While electric vehicles boost energy efficiency, are environmentally friendly, and cost less to operate than gas-powered cars, there are other factors to consider before you make the switch. Get a 360-degree view to see if one is right for you.

Oncor is developing and refining a smart grid that can outsmart potential power overloads and outages before they happen.


Advanced meters, also known as smart meters, help us all make more informed decisions, use energy more efficiently, and save money. But imagine a self-healing power grid. Now that’s smart! Oncor is investing $600 million in smart-grid technology designed to outsmart potential overloads and outages before they happen. New distribution devices will keep a pulse on local operating conditions and automatically make adjustments to optimize grid performance. By leveraging distribution automation, faulty areas will be identified so power can be rerouted to quickly restore service—taking efficiency and reliability far beyond smart meters.


You know the old saying—information is power. At Oncor, we harness the power of predictive analytics to inform every aspect of our world-class operations and service. Analyzing data from meters and other sources, we can identify potential equipment overloads, transformer failures, voltage issues, and other challenges before they affect our customers.


Thanks to predictive weather modeling, Oncor is able to strategically rally personnel, equipment and resources to quickly restore service in the aftermath of powerful storms and weather systems. And with our Weather Current monitoring system, we keep customers informed about potentially dangerous weather, and provide tips to conserve energy and stay safe in the face of storms and potential electric hazards.

Oncor's Weather Current monitoring system keeps customers informed about potentially dangerous weather.

Oncor uses a fleet of drones to safely monitor and inspect more than 100,000 miles of power lines across the Lone Star State.


Overseeing more than 100,000 miles of power lines crisscrossing the Lone Star State is quite a task. Oncor uses a fleet of drones to make their inspection much more manageable. Eyes in the sky allow Oncor ground teams to safely monitor our vital energy grid and inspect its components more frequently in good weather and bad. More frequent inspections mean crews can discover issues before they happen—ensuring energy is delivered when and where it is needed.