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More people are embracing solar, battery storage, and other onsite sources of energy for Distributed Generation (DG). By doing so, they can reduce their energy usage and save money on their electric bill. With DG, electricity comes from many small sources at an individual’s home or business. Along with solar and wind, natural gas-fueled micro-turbines, diesel-fueled engines, batteries, and landfill gas are common components of DG. Unlike emergency generators or other off-grid systems that serve an isolated load and are not connected to the Oncor grid, DG sites are interconnected so they can function in parallel with the Oncor grid or separately. DG systems typically have a capacity of 10 megawatts (MW) or less, and are connected to the grid with voltage less than 60 kilovolts (kV). We work cooperatively with customers—or customers' designated representatives—to ensure a safe and reliable interconnection of DG sites to our system.

Oncor works closely with homeowners and service providers to help more Texans take advantage of renewable solar energy.

Solar For Residential Or Small Commercial

Are you interested in solar? Oncor provides resources to help customers interconnect to the grid.

Installers are vital in helping homeowners and small businesses take advantage of renewable solar energy.

For Installers

In order to track the interconnection process, Oncor requires installers to register and submit projects via the installer portal.

Oncor helps energy system developers interconnect large commercial and industrial distributed generation systems to the grid.

Energy System Developers

Developers with large DG systems and grid resources can begin the interconnection process by submitting a completed application and study fee.


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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about distributed generation can be found in our FAQ section.
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