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To support the Lone Star State's dynamic growth, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the state's utilities continually review transmission capacity to ensure people across the state have the power they need. Oncor is committed to building additional transmission facilities to support future growth in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Electric power plants are connected to substations through a network of high voltage lines built and maintained by Oncor.


As Texas continues to prosper, the state is a beacon for new residents and new businesses. Oncor is proud to foster healthy growth by ensuring people have the energy they need through new transmission line projects. We work closely with state agencies when expanding our transmission network. The process includes many steps. Along with determining need, we consider routes, involve communities and landowners, and obtain approvals—all before beginning construction.

As Texas continues to prosper, Oncor meets the state�s growing energy demands through new transmission line projects.

Determining right-of-way and working cooperatively with landowners is a big part of Oncor�s transmission line process.


A dedicated group—including Oncor, ERCOT, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), and state utilities—keep a pulse on our state's growing energy needs. It is a joint monitoring effort that constantly examines demand and supply, then follows a step-by-step expansion process that involves conducting engineering, routing and environmental assessments, evaluating connection requirements, securing certifications, determining right-of-way, and working cooperatively with landowners.


Meeting the energy needs of millions of Texans is Oncor's mission. Today, we are proud to honor our promise with a wide range of projects designed to upgrade and expand our state-of-the-art transmission system. See a complete list of all the projects underway to support energy demands of the communities we serve and champion the growth and prosperity that makes Texas a preferred place to live and work.

Oncor currently has a wide range of projects underway to upgrade and expand our state-of-the-art transmission system.

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Transmission Line Projects Contact Information

Ivy League 138 kV Transmission Line: 214.486.3560

Bearkat to Longshore Transmission Project: 1.833.830.1115

Quarry Field to Kyle Ranch 138 kV Transmission Project: 817.716.3124

Old Country 345 kV Tap line Transmission Project: 214.486.4918

Flat Iron – Barr Ranch – Quickriver Tap 138 kV Transmission Line Project at 214.486.4918

Nacogdoches Southeast Switch - Redland Switch 345 kV Transmission Line 214.486.2093

Ramhorn Hill - Dumham 345 kV Transmission Line Project 214.486.4918

Keller Wall Price Substation - Keller Magnolia 138 kV Transmission Line Project and Keller Wall Price Substation - Roanoke 138 kV Rebuild Project 214.486.2093

Sand Lake - North McCamey 345 kV Transmission Line Project 214.486.4918

Exchange - Keller Magnolia 138 kV Transmission Line Project 214.486.2093


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